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Butterfly is caught in Europe, in the north of Ukraine. You get exactly those butterflies that are in the photo. Look carefully at the photo. I try to select butterflies without scratches and scuffs on the wings. Butterflies will be packed in a light and strong foam box. You will save on delivery, buying a few lots. I combine shipping. If you have questions, ask. I will gladly answer!

The average weight of the parcel is approximately 50 - 150 grams. If the parcel weighs more, the shipping cost will also change.


Sending mail takes place within 2-5 days. Sometimes, because of local holidays, post offices may not work. Then the dispatch will be delayed a little. In advance I apologize for such inconvenience. Sending is carried out by airmail. A box of foam is packaged in a pack of bubbles. After sending, I write the track number to track the parcel.


On-line payment is the most easy and convenient, so would you make payment  in 1–3 days period please. On receiving you payment, I’ll collect your order and send it to you. You can also pay through PayPal. If you want to participate in my auctions, you can pay after completing all the auctions in which you want to participate.


If you’ve changed your address, or wish the parcel to be delivered to another address, please be sure to change the address in your settings while making your payment through PayPal. Otherwise I will not be responsible for the parcel loss. On receiving your payment, I’ll pack your order and send it by post. If you want to buy a number of my lots during a number of days, please, let me know. Send me a message that you are going to participate in an auction for some other lots of mine.  Everything that you buy will be packaged in one parcel, for saving your delivery fee. Time of delivery depends on distance and postal services functioning. I’ll do my best to send parcels by air, for you to receive your order as fast as possible. It can take 7 to 15 days.